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The Proprietors


Jennifer & Ed Kuchar      Belinda & Leary Cox      Andrea & Tony Granata

Three couples from Northeast Ohio, brought together by our love of wine, food and fine living, joined forces to bring you world class wines made by an award-winning winemaker.

One day we thought to ourselves, “We own a lot of wine and we drink a lot of wine, so why not make our own wine?” Well, we were in for a lesson in humility! Fortunately, our unwavering commitment to detail and refusal to compromise on quality is being immediately reflected in our wines. 2017 was a difficult year for many yet our 2017 Privity is drinking great — and the 2018 and 2019 are developing even better. We look forward to sharing our wines and our journey with you.

Ohio’s official wildflower, the Trillium or Trinity flower, seemed perfect to represent our partnership — 3 partners, 3 couples, 3 families. All parts of the Trillium plant come in 3s — 3 petals, supported by 3 sepals, on a plant with 3 leaves.

We have chosen Trillium Society as the name for our Priority Allocation Memberships to represent the support our Members bring to our partnership.

Friendship discovered in wine.

Follow the journey!

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