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Our Vineyards

We are fortunate to source our grapes from some of the finest vineyards in the Napa Valley (and Sonoma for our Chardonnay). Starting out in 2017 with a single, exceptional mountain source for our Cabernet Sauvignon, our sources began to evolve and change a bit after the first three years. Beginning with the 2021 harvest our red grape sources are 100% from Napa County featuring both mountain fruit and valley floor resources.


Andrew Geoffrey Vineyard

AVA – Diamond Mountain District
Elevation – 1900 feet

Soil – diverse volcanic soils


Andrew Geoffrey Vineyards represents a prestigious and sought-after winemaking estate nestled within the picturesque expanse of the Diamond Mountain District in Napa Valley. This vineyard enjoys an elevated perch atop the Mayacamas mountain range, boasting stunning vistas across the northern reaches of the valley. Renowned for its Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in diverse volcanic soils and benefiting from varied micro-climates, Andrew Geoffrey Vineyards has garnered acclaim for producing wines of exceptional quality and distinct character. Situated nearly 2000 feet above sea level, the vineyard experiences an annual light dusting of snow, contributing to the unique terroir that shapes the grapes. With a meticulous approach to rootstock and clonal selection tailored to the specific soil compositions and exposures, this estate embodies a commitment to maximizing the land's potential while producing wines that showcase the essence of Diamond Mountain's renowned viticultural heritage.

Clone 15 and Clone 337 Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from 2 of Andrew Geoffrey’s upper blocks were destined for our flagship wine, 2021 Privity.


Star Vineyard

AVA – Rutherford
Elevation – 150 feet

Soil – alluvial bale loam soils


Situated in the heart of the revered Rutherford AVA, Star Vineyard stands as a testament to excellence in winemaking. Established in 1987 by the visionary collaboration of Reg B. Oliver, Ric Forman, and David Abreu, this vineyard basks in an enviable location on the west side of Highway 29, benefiting from abundant sunlight and deep, well-drained alluvial soils. Under the stewardship of Reg Oliver's son, Jack, this sustainable farm consistently yields exceptional Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir vintages. With meticulously tended vines planted in bale loam at an elevation of 150-200 feet, Star Vineyard has earned its reputation as a premier source of Cabernet Sauvignon in a region renowned for this varietal. The farm's serene setting, just moments away from Rutherford Road behind the beloved Rutherford Grill, offers a tranquil escape, embodying both authenticity and a commitment to producing consistently delightful wines.

Clone 4 and Clone 7 Cabernet Sauvignon from our blocks in Star Vineyard gave rise to our newest wine, Acuity



Calesa Vineyard

AVA – Petaluma Gap
Elevation – 500 feet

Soil – gravelly loam


Nestled within the newly designated Petaluma Gap AVA, Calesa Vineyard exudes a rich history and a unique terroir that shapes our wine. Embraced by the fog-laden breezes that traverse the Petaluma Gap, this cool-climate haven fosters the unhurried maturation of Chardonnay grapes, culminating in wines that boast pure, vibrant flavors and a perfect balance of acidity. Shallow, gravelly loam soils grace the prized hillside blocks, home to an array of exceptional Chardonnay clones. These factors, including naturally low yields and a diverse clonal spectrum, orchestrate a symphony of complexity in our wine, infusing exquisite notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and delicate spice. "Calesa," translating to "stagecoach" in Spanish, echoes its historical legacy as a way station for horse-drawn carriages, offering expansive vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Positioned at the heart of the Petaluma's wind gap, where the convergence of coastal winds and cooler temperatures converges, this vineyard basks in optimal conditions for cultivating exceptional Chardonnay grapes.


Reisacher Estate

AVA – Knights Valley
Elevation – 2000 feet

Soil – rocky volcanic Rhyolite


Reisacher Vineyards was our original grape source, sitting at elevations ranging from 1200 to 2200 feet, and offering an awe-inspiring panorama of Mount St. Helena, Diamond Mountain, and the Pacific Ocean. Encompassing 112 acres of diverse terrain with varying soils, this vineyard accommodates six grape varieties. The mountain climate, with daytime temperatures considerably cooler than the valley floor, coupled with inversion layers maintaining higher overnight temperatures, creates optimal growing conditions. The property's unique conditions provide a longer growing season, ensuring full fruit maturity, concentration, and balance in the wines.

Clone 4 and Clone 7 grapes from near the top of this mountain vineyard were the source for our first three years’ production of Privity, Innuendo and UNPRECEDENDTED.

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